Tuesday, May 27, 2008


my top three favorite places i´ve been so far include granada, kilkenny and krakow. granada was absolutely amazing... i settled into the pace of life, the language, the music, the city so easily... i was staying at a gooney hostel but in the coolest neighborhood in the city. it was incredibly difficult to find but very worth it. each morning i would get up and walk around the corner to the cafe for a coffee, then stop in the bakery and by the fruit market to get breakfast on my way to the mirador de san nicolas. this is a look-out point over the city facing the alhambra... lots of musicians and kids and dogs running around. so while i was in granada i ran into a couple that i met in madrid and we spent quite a bit of time hanging out. one day we went hiking out in the hills to explore some caves that are there... people live in them and have their own little village, it was really cool. beautiful views and nice to have a hike. that night we went to the other side and went to see some flamenco performed in the caves. it was incredible. i felt so lucky to be there.. afterwards we were convinced to come back into the cave-bar where we had tapas earlier and i am so glad we went in! we were with about 20 other people being seranaded by local flamenco legends.... i´m not doing this justice at all, but i´m paying dearly for these moments online so i will have to leave it at that. i´m in barcelona now soaking in the art scene and thursday i head to andorra to visit my friend belen. more from me then!

much love!

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The Ham said...

i miss you, but it sounds like you're having a wonderful time! keep enjoying all the big and little moments and don't forget a single thing so i can hear all about it when you come back!