Thursday, June 5, 2008

barcelona & andorra

hey all... since i last wrote i spent about four days in barcelona and then the past week in andorra. barcelona was great, its really set up to keep tourists in certain areas and it completely works. i left there feeling like i didnt get a flavor of what barcelona is really like at all. but thats not to say that i didnt love all the museums and architecture and parks there! i went to a lot of amazing museums of some of my favorite artists and saw some incredible work by gaudi throughout the city. after i left there i went to andorra to meet up with my friend belen. i´ve spent the past week here cooking, hiking, dancing and relaxing. its been really nice!! but its kind of a little vortex here in the mountains and i´ve spent way longer here than i thought i would. anyways next up is italy -- and i should get moving to figure out some train times.

looking forward to seeing you all again next month!

lots of love.

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