Monday, October 25, 2010


As I continue with the final stages of my masters, this weekend I think we stumbled across the most useful component of the program yet. I don't remember what the R&R in the course title is supposed to stand for, but reconnected and refreshed was how I was feeling after 5 hours of being glued to my computer. Seeing the familiar faces of members of my cohort in their respective countries, sharing struggles, supporting each other with ideas, empathy and solutions was much more refreshing and useful than I anticipated. It was so nice to talk to people with similar training, background and language about some of the heaviest issues we're lifting as new teachers. Hearing about the successes and challenges that everyone is facing, finding out how everyone is making it in a foreign country and learning a language while being a first year teacher was truly inspiring. I feel lucky to know a group of passionate, adventurous people who are having experiences parallel to my own around the world. After a bout of school-related stress dreams, it feels pretty nice to walk into my classroom on a Monday morning with a little inspiration in my pocket.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

words from a student

Last week, my 6th graders had an assignment to look at this link about the BP oil spill. They wrote some comparative statements about its size and a reflection/response with their thoughts, feelings, and ideas... Here is one that I want to share:

"The thing that happen affect us and that is why we have to work together. Because the oil spill is killing the water, the nature, the animals, and also the humans home. We have to work together to save it if we want that our sons live here because it is very probable that the world will not die because a ball of fire comes from the sun. It is more probable that we die because we kill our animals, our nature, our home, we pollute our air. It is funny we can't live without our atmosphere, air, water, nature, food and what are the things that we are killing? Do a question to yourselves: why we destroy the things that we will die without? ¿Why we destroy our home if it is the home that gave us life? Only 1/5 of the world is trying to save it, in the reality it is less than that helping. We can do it, but only together¡¡¡¡"

Friday, October 1, 2010

a list

Since I have been in Mexico, I have filled my days with the little things that typically characterize my life... things that are simultaneously interesting, boring, silly and lovely... A short list includes:
  • singing with a mariachi band in front of my co-workers
  • waiting and waiting and waiting for change from a machine that clearly says it does not give change
  • taking the metrobus for the first time late night post-cantina (sorry mom, but fortunately it turned out to be one of the amazing women only cars)
  • accidentally buying toilet paper con aroma and subsequently scenting my bathroom like a giant grandma-baby
  • crying in a class meeting about racism in front of my 6th graders
  • climbing through the window of a vacant house to discover the most amazing rooftop view of the city i have seen to date
After a day of confusing, stressful and broken Spanish conversations, a brand new washer/dryer unit is sitting in the middle of my kitchen and instead of trying read the directions to install it, I am going to climb back up on that rooftop.