Sunday, June 15, 2008

technical difficulties

my apologies for faking you out with the link that was apparently not functional. i stayed up until 4:30am on an italian computer trying to post them for you, so i hate to say it, but the chances of them being re-posted are slim to none. maybe later, or maybe you should just come to seattle next month and have coffee with me and i'll show you pictures then.

anyways, things have been lovely as usual and i am enjoying everything incredibly. there have been so many beautiful people, places and experiences the past two months that as i was sitting on top of a mountain looking over lago di como in italy, i was almost certain my heart was going to explode.

"your heart is the size of the ocean -
go find the gem hidden in your depths!
your open mouth cries like a seashell:
that heart is too small for me!
how could it be too small for you,
that heart contains the whole universe!"

it does.

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