Thursday, May 22, 2008


since i left madrid i spent a few days in cordoba y sevilla. my spanish thankfully came rushing back to me around day two in spain so things have been much easier than they would have been normally. i dont really know how tourists get around here without speaking spanish. not many people speak english and i know i´ve run into some really complicated scenarios with my rail pass and using the trains here in general. anyways it has been great weather and beautiful things to see... as usual i´ve met some really interesting people too. now i´m in granada and i am staying in a ´hostel´in with a few other people at the top of one of the hills here in the city. it has an incredible view but it was insane to find since its in the labyrinth quarter -- the oldest part of granada. since i´ve been in spain i´ve had paella, chocolate y churros and listened to traditional guitar music... lots to see and do still!

lots of love

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Mary's Family said...

Hi Mary!!! We love reading your posts-sounds like you are having the adventure of a lifetime! All is well here-will email you again. Stay safe, keep in touch. Lots of love, meem