Thursday, May 8, 2008


i took the train from budapest to wurzburg which originally was nowhere in the plans... it was a very last minute decision while trying to juggle other arrangements and not get stranded in the process... i'll spare you the details but everything ended up working out amazingly! i had a really nice time in wurzburg, its a small town along the famous romantic road; to me it felt like the midwest with castles. all day i rode around on a rented bike, wearing a dress, carrying some fresh bread from a tiny bakery tied to the back. i spent hours along the river main, it was so nice! then the next morning i took an early train to munich. it worked out so well, i got to meet up with my friend marita for coffee and then explored with her and some people she met in the city. thankfully she just moved into her new apartment so i had a place to stay that night! so then this morning i took the train to catch my plane to dublin! which is where i'll leave you until next time...

love, mary


MikeKathy said...

I hope you're getting some sleep now, because you've sure have traveled a lot of miles.

Lynn said...

I love it!! I can totally picture you biking around. Haha! I'm sure you fit in wonderfully with the scenery and people around you. Oh how I wish I could be there!!... but for now I'm content reading about your wonderful adventures.:)