Tuesday, May 6, 2008


i went to hungary with laura to hang out with her boyfriend david and visit the city;  two of their friends were there for the long weekend too.  we had a lot of fun but i felt like i barely scratched the surface of that huge and beautiful city.  we went to the baths, where there's about 10 different types of minerals and fountains and swirling whirl pools to soak in... we also went on a boat ride along the danube, to great cafes, listened in on some gipsy music, walked on margaret island, went to some major sightseeing spots and went to memento park where there is a collection of communist statues that were removed from the city.  i tried to post a few pictures but i'm using a german keyboard right now 
and somehow erased them all.  maybe next time...

much love.


Mary said...

ten mineral pools? beats the hothouse spa and sauna any day... but korean spa still awaits.

Anonymous said...

mary, you are such an amazing person!

i read this and wish that i was with you! but even so, it wouldn't be the same. :)