Saturday, November 27, 2010

my neighbor

Since I last wrote, I saw more of the city than I had in all my time spent here previously, put together. Museums, neighborhoods, pyramids, festivals, día de muertos (which was amazing beyond anything I could have imagined), taking a boat to a nighttime play performed on an island, and most importantly, listening to my neighbor take up a new hobby: woodworking. Even now, in the dark, I am listening to the misguided clattering of wood and tools. The "box" he made for a Christmas gift took hours daily for over two weeks in its construction and I am fearing for my sanity as his new coat-stand project is just now underway. At the end of a busy day at school, just when all the "Medi, Medi, Medi's (phonetic spelling of Mary)" are starting to dissolve from my ears, I've relaxed long enough that grading papers at home starts to seem doable, the clacking and pounding starts literally echoing through our enclosed little courtyard. And now, upon the start-up of his power saw, I think I am going to go find a cafe.

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