Tuesday, April 29, 2008

so full inside

since i last wrote a ton has happened, and honestly its as much for my benefit as yours to post these, so i'm going to get us caught up as much as i can for now...

vienna was absolutely amazing. there is something so decadent about it... i really loved it there, everything was so beautiful. i took the train from ostrava and checked into a really great hostel. as i was heading upstairs the girl at the desk asked if i would like to go to the belvedere because she had a free ticket i could take! so of course i did and i ran off to the museum and in to see the gorgeous klimt paintings, which you should really know, absolutely glow in person. i was pretty much the only person there and got to wander the gorgeous palace and its gardens... :)

after i got back to the hostel i met a girl who was in my room and we went to get a drink in the bar/kitchen in the lower level... i met a lot of cool people, a few of my favorites include the italian guy, paolo, who cooked an incredible pasta dinner... paolo insists that i come to italy and get married to him and that we live in his parents house and that it would be perfect. it took a lot of charades, guessing and enl-itali-anish just to figure those sentiments out! ha.. then i met a girl named belen from buenos aires and we had the most fun adventures the next day! she's so great and it felt like we'd always known each other. hopefully we will be meeting up in spain!

the day after that i had the loveliest time... i went to this amazing museum called the kunst haus wien. its this quirky, pretty, odd ball of a museum that houses the work of hundertwasser... i absolutely loved it! i will have to post pictures of it because i cant adequately explain the uneven sloping floors, the plants growing everywhere and the overall vibe the place has. after spending a few hours there i headed to a park, went to a great cafe with american-sized lattes (just as bill told me!) and then went to the opera. for two euros you get a spot in the standing room of the staatsoper but its worth a whole lot more than that. it was absolutely amazing... i saw la traviata, by one of my mom's favorites (giuseppe verdi) and it was so great -- i wish she could have been there.

my last day in vienna i went to see the vienna boys choir with a girl named marita. they were amazing of course but it was a really strange experience for me to be a tourist during a mass... afterwards we got some coffee and lunch and i helped her get across town with a years worth of luggage to meet her ride to munich... we got there and had either missed them or just couldnt find them (much more likely) so i helped her haul it all back into town to figure out a train to get her to munich on time... so then we went to the station and i ran to catch the train right as the cars were closing, but she made it! and then began my trip to krakow..... which, let me just tell you was quite the adventure... but i made it too, after spending the rest of the afternoon sleeping in the sun by a pond...

pictures from me later when i can upload them... write me an email if you can, i miss everybody!!

much love!

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