Friday, April 18, 2008

stow away

today i slept in... i was going to go to kutna hora but ended up missing my train. so i went to old town again and was going to find this cafe that was recommended to me yesterday. but i got incredibly lost and ended up tagging along secretly as a french tour group passed by the fountain i was sitting at. they didnt notice me really and i learned quite a bit! i understand french infinitely more than czech so that was kind of nice. i jumped off the tour at a landmark i recognized to get myself reoriented but then i heard the symphony rehearsing for their performance that evening so i sat in for a while and listened. afterwards i wandered through what i think might be my favorite part of the city, mala strana. its just south of the charles bridge and it is full of absolutely gorgeous old buildings, beautiful gardens and winding cobblestone streets along the river. looking forward to seeing my amazing friend laura tomorrow and to taking pictures of the herb look-a-likes i've seen (all the italian tourists wear big designer sunglasses, button down shirts, plaid pants, and fancy leather shoes...) since the people i'm staying with have internet i'll try to post some pictures this weekend before i leave their flat.



MikeKathy said...
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MikeKathy said...

Doesn't it often times seem, that the unexpected turns out to be so much fun?

Love & prayers, m&d