Tuesday, April 22, 2008


sunday i took the train to ostrava where my friend laura lives. i am glad to be returning to prague later on in my trip because it is such an amazing city and there is so much i still want to see (jason & mary: we have to go to kutna hora together!!). anyways, laura's town is really cute and i'm so happy to be here to see where she's been living and working.

today i had tea with a czech student named honza in an adorable little cajovna. he is going to be living in minnesota next year and wanted to hear all about it and what its like there. it was really sweet, i had a nice time talking to him. he wanted to know if he would see lots of wolves and bear in minny-sotta. it was so cute!

i've been hanging around lots of cajovnas and kavarnas (tea and coffee houses) here, just like i do in the states. overall i feel like my experience thus far has been thoroughly american and pretty restricted to the tourist tracks. thankfully i am getting more of a taste of the czech republic outside of prague and in mid-june will get to see more of southern bohemia on a canoe trip.

i'm staying in ostrava until thursday and then the next couple weeks for me include trips to krakow, vienna and salzburg. then exploring the black forest in germany and catching a flight to dublin! more from me later, and i promise pictures soon!

much love,

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Mary said...

the Sedlec Ossuary is so metal- Jason will love it.