Saturday, September 1, 2012

these days

I am in my third week at the American School Foundation of Mexico City.  An entire year has passed by since my last blog post.  I am finding myself compelled to write and to share, to reflect.

The past year finishing at my former school was challenging and rewarding.  There were lots of struggles with the institution and the organization of the school, which all make my successes even more rewarding.

A lot has happened, including a new pet, a new job, a new house, and new adventures.

Here are some highlights...

I adopted a little street dog, Canela:

My students created a technology-rich family event with their own websites and a QR code scavenger hunt to navigate their parents through the day:

Roberto, not just a highlight, but someone who has been there to lean on, to adventure and goof off with:

I also was able to spend a significant amount of time traveling throughout Mexico, Ecuador and Colombia the past year:

More from me in less than a year.

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Unknown said...

You owe it to yourself to write. m & d