Monday, September 20, 2010


i'm not sure if i learned anything in graduate school. i was giving my students instructions today and they all were looking at me like i was crazy... which made me remember that i'm speaking a foreign language, so i am always sure to show directions in writing, with pictures and with actions. after having two other students explain what to do in their own way and another student explain in spanish, i took some questions and let them go to work. as soon as we went into work time, a line of at least seven students gathered around me and asked the dreaded, "what are we doing?"

what am i doing????


Cam McGregor said...

You're actually teaching in Spanish? That's crazy awesome! And don't worry, it's early on and things will get easier, you'll do fine!

mary said...

oh good clarification... i teach in english, which is foreign to them. oops.

MikeKathy said...

Little kids always do that-in any language. They find it too taxing to pay attention (OK, really hard in another language) but they'd rather have 1:1 explanation. The other dreaded line is "I don't get it."